Best Places To Buy Kratom Online

Green Kratom Powder

Kratom is a tree native to the forests of South East Asia and is known to carry about 25 individual alkaloids, which produce some amazing healing effects in humans. Very little research has gone into kratom, mainly because it is highly complicated when looking into the chemical structure of its alkaloids. The kratom tree has been widely used by the people of Malaysia and Thailand for its ability to help with opiate dependence, anxiety, depression, fatigue and insomnia. The Thai government banned kratom since opiate addicts were starting to diminish with the help of kratom and that was causing lower tax revenue for Thailand.

Kratom Wash

When I first heard about kratom’s healing ability with such issues as opiate dependence,depression and anxiety, I became extremely curious to see if maybe it could help me with my situation. After searching online for some of the best places to buy kratom online from reputable vendors, I eventually found a few that were known to carry only the best quality and also offered fair prices.

Arena Ethnobotanicals

Some of the online vendors I found were Arena Eb, Bouncing Bear Botanicals, and greendragonkratom. My first order was from Arena EB, I ordered their Vietnam strain capsules, the 15x standardized extract, Bali and the popular Maeng Da kratom. My kratom arrived just 3 days after I placed my order and was packaged securely with proper labels.


As soon as I ran out of my kratom, I went ahead and bought some more, only this time from Bouncing Bear Botanicals to test out this vendor. When I visited Bouncing Bear I discovered that this vendor had a larger kratom department and also his prices were a bit cheaper! I again placed an order, this time I got some Indonesian kratom, Maeng Da and a Borneo Blend. I also noticed they offered a sampler pack for anyone who is not sure which strain best suites their personal needs.

The Borneo blend was a mix of Green-Vein, Red-Vein and White-Vein kratom with a dark color which had a strong taste. After placing my order with BBB I also received my package within a 3-4 day period and received proper labels and air tight bags.

I soon started buying my kratom from both Arena EB and Bouncing Bear Botanicals. They were offering great prices and great kratom so why change I thought. After a few months of continues purchases from both places, I started looking for a other online vendors who I could have for backup just in case.

I ended up finding these other places one of which was called greendragonkratom. Greendragonkratom is a smaller online kratom vendor who carries Bali, Indonesian, Maeng Da and Thai kratom. Each strain of kratom is followed by a rather unique fairy tale of how each strain came to be and also has real customer reviews.

Here is an example of how Bali came to be according to

Bali Green Dragon

“The lust of the tiger and the Kratom Fairy had created uproar in the canopy of the Laotian jungles. So loudly had they screamed in their raging love that finally the Green Dragon had woken up. The Green Dragon had slept for ages at the caldera of the Agung volcano on the island of Bali. On the slopes of this volcano the Bali Kratom Leaves Incense was growing, and it was right in their fumes that the Green Dragon had slept. The fumes of the Bali Kratom Leaves Incense had nurtured the Green Dragon for centuries, had hardened his skin. The Bali Kratom Leaves Incense had even lowered the burning heat inside the Green Dragon. The Bali Kratom Leaves Incense had given him sweet dreams and unlimited energy. And now he was wide-awake. He spread his wings and took off to Laos. From the Green Dragon’s huge nostrils shot two long beams of Bali Kratom Leaves Incense fumes, and so the birds in the sky doubled their speed and the people on the ground began copulating. And the Green Dragon saw the effects of the Bali Kratom Leaves Incense and got worried. In almost no time he had reached the jungles of Laos and got worried even more. The Green Dragon thought: when this Kratom gives so much energy and pleasure and prowess to earthly creatures, when will they finally dare to come and plunder my Bali Kratom Leaves Incense plantations? These were the thoughts of the Green Dragon and he swallowed the Kratom Fairy in one gulp.”

The last online vendor who is a reputable source is is part of Arena EB except they only focus on kratom products instead of the other botanicals like Arena EB. They are extremely reliable and have fast shipping since Arena EB are the owner.

I hope you found this review informative when looking where the best places to buy kratom online are and that hopefully it will help you in making a decision. Thank you


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