new balance m750 review

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I wanted to write this new balance m750 review, mainly because I own these shoe’s and wanted somebody to get the same great comfort, durability and flexibility that I did. I love when people review a product to find out if it is what they are looking for and that is why I wanted to write this review. Now the New Balance M750 are a minimalist type shoe that is made to be extremely light and comfortable for daily running. The forefoot is really flexible and breathable and structurally has given me no problems on my daily runs.

Now that being said I noticed that on the New Balance website they claim these shoes are also made for trail/outdoor running, I personally would not recommend you use them for rough trail running even being as durable as they are. This shoe is nicely built with nice attention and double stitching giving extra material at some of the common fail points. This shoe offers about a 3mm less rear drop than that of my standard trainers, with the exact same forefoot height, thus it is more minimal-ish, without being minimal.

The main problem that I encountered with this shoe was the insole’s, they are very thin so they do not support the arch and heel very well.  I recommend you buy some aftermarket insoles, which I’m sure they expected from us anyways. We all know that exercise is essential to maintain a healthy and energetic life, but yet so many people ignore this because they think it is to hard or just down right painful. If only these people would maybe join a sport or pick up a hobby in which they loved to do, because when you love doing something you could literately wear yourself completely out and be totally satisfied and still have energy to do the other things that you love.

All in all comfortable shoes are essential in maintaining this sort of lifestyle, I know that, you know that so make the right decision and get yourself moving and feeling better about doing those things that you love!!!! Love you all.


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